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This is my simple website presented for anybody who wants to learn Japanese as online course method.
I really consider creating this website with the entire topic is for beginners.
So, you will feel easy to learn Japanese.

Learn Japanese For Beginners
Online Course Method
Just Feel Happy Learning Japanese

With me, you will discover my happy learning Japanese method. What does it means??
Happy Learning means, when you learn something for example a new language, you have to place yourself in happy situation, there is no stress that makes you headache (possibility, LOL). How ?
The power of "JUST DO IT".
Make yourself brave to do something new. Don't be afraid of making mistake. Imagine your future, if you can speak, write, and read Japanese. Feel success in the future.
The power of "REPEATING"
Learn + Practice + REPEAT.! Learn and practice is usual in other learning method. But do you repeat what you get? That's the point.
You are not a student, but you are an "ACTOR"
Student means, you are studying something, but if think that you are an actor, you can create anything. (Get and Feel the difference! )

What kinds of topic I offer to you?

At first, I will give you general materials such as overview, writing system, kanji, hiragana, and katakana.
The second, I will give you specific materials to explain all of the topics above.
The third, I will suggest you to go to the next levels and steps to improve your skill and knowledge and make you speak up as confidently.
The fourth, I will give you wisdom and motivation words to burn your spirit of learning.

The Direction how to Learn Japanese Using this Website

You are on the main page of this website, which contains of the steps how to learn Japanese for beginner with online method.


At first, you have to read and learn all of the articles in this page because this page is your mind map to learn Japanese. Each article in this page is written as a summary and consists of general material of learning Japanese.
Meanwhile, you will find more specific materials on the next pages in different title which appear on the right side as menu list.

See and learn as you need, until you find the feeling of your own progress. I really consider writing the articles with simple language. It will make you easier in learning Japanese with this site, although your native language is not in English.

The second step , you may see and follow the direction of menus as listed on the top right.
I really consider creating the menus as seen, by the step that I think correctly and needed for everyone who wants to learn Japanese language from the beginning.

Each menu contains of more specific material from the summary of general material. So, you may click each menu starting from the top goes to below. See and learn in every page as you need, until you find the feeling of your own progress. Remember; don't move to next topic, before you get the essence from each topic. Good Luck for you!

Japanese Language Overview

Japanese language originally named as Nihongo 日本語. This is a language spoken by the people in Japan and also spoken by the Japanese immigrant communities outside of Japan, for example in Korea, Taiwan, parts of China, the Philippines, parts of Latin America, and several parts in Pacific island. That's reasonable because during the World War II, Asia-Pacific was occupied by Japan / Nippon.

There are three scripts in Japanese language: Chinese characters called as Kanji, and two scripts made of modified Chinese characters, Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana and Katakana can be called as Kana. Each of its character has special purpose.

Kanji is the first set of characters that were adopted from Chinese characters in 4th century. Some of Kanji made by visualizing an object or picture that modified become a word that has meaning. There are a lot of Kanji's characters. Each Kanji has a meaning , it's represent of a noun, adjective. Kanji usually used for names, for example a person's name.

The second character is Hiragana which is the most popular character, and mainly used by the Japanese people. Meanwhile, Katakana, is a character for write and explains a foreign language to the nearest of Japanese language, for example to write computer, camera, etc.

The people of Japanese are very proud using of their language. But, the Latin scripts are also usually used in several conditions. For your information, Japanese people speak English very less, only for business abroad, or formal meeting in international summit conferences. But as we know, Japan is a modern and a powerful country with high valuable culture. So that, quite a lot of people around the world wants to learn Japanese language, culture and create relationship on business.

Japanese Writing System

The first step to learn Japanese language is learning the alphabets. In contrast to the Latin alphabet which contains letters, the Japanese alphabet contains the character sets.

Japanese language that we know today, written using a combination of Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. Kanji is written at the first of word and then will be followed by Hiragana to change the basic meaning of the word, and customize it with grammar rules of Japan.

The Japanese words are written looked like picture and the way how it's written, are like to paint. That is what makes a lot of people have difficulty learning the scripts. But don't worry; I will give you simple methods that make you enjoy learning Japanese. Just remember your goal !

You Will Be Interested !

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